Process Mindfuck or OM is a vital rehearse in institution Discordianism.
Process Mindfuck or OM is a vital rehearse in institution Discordianism.
Process Mindfuck or OM is a vital rehearse in institution Discordianism.

The phrase had been created by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson into the Illuminatus! Trio. Their Client Saint will be the Midget.


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  • 3 Client Saint
  • 4 Work
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OM am at first promoted by Ho Chi Zen, belonging to the Erisian Liberation front side, who's going to be equivalent people yet not similar individual as Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, writer of The Honest reserve of Actual Facts. The directing approach is the fact that in the beginning proposed inside Theory of gaming and financial Behavior by von Neumann and Morgenstern: specifically, about the just tactic which an opponent cannot predict happens to be a random system. The building blocks had been laid because later Malaclypse the Younger, K.S.C., as he announced, "Most people Discordians must all put apart." This sweeping decentralization of Discordian companies created a built-in arbitrary element before procedure Mindfuck was actually recommended. Even now, neither Ho Chi Zen themselves nor some other Discordian apostle understands for certain who is or is perhaps not involved with any stage of Operation Mindfuck or exactly what work they have been or commonly associated with included in that venture. Hence, the outsider was straight away trapped in a double-bind: truly the only protected predictions is any such thing a Discordian should happens to be in some way linked to OM, but, because this brings straight away to paranoia, this is not a "protected" assumption in the end, and also the "risky" theory that regardless of the Discordians do are harmless might be "safer" ultimately, probably. Every factor of OM follows, or highlights, this double-bind.

Controversy Reigns

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Undoubtedly a disagreement among Discordians in order to regardless of whether, through OM, they must aim to benefit community, topple they, or suggest that the training is certainly exclusively for entertainment. Because a great deal of process Mindfuck by itself includes hyperbole and exaggeration in regards to speaking about the Discordian culture, it's hard to ascertain the actual degree belonging to the marketing campaign, whether it is big or almost non-existent.

During The Illuminatus! Trilogy, functioning Mindfuck happens to be epitomized by a champion called Markoff Chaney, an anti-social dwarf which engages in discreet useful joking, in a purposeful make an effort to trigger dissension, as a protest against his mistreatment by environment. One laugh requires the forging of marks that are finalized by "The Mgt." (greatest men and women to feel they can be from "The procedures" in place of "the Midget") which contain absurdities, and putting the signal in store alongside places.

Client Saint

The Midget was actually called the Discordian Saint of process Mindfuck. The character am empowered by Michael Arthur Quinn aka the online game learn of Florin.


There are particular tasks that c laim as involved in functions Mindfuck.

Constant tasks

  • Undertaking Jake: "Instigated by Harold Lord Randomfactor. A few times per year, a community servant owning differentiated himself by a lot more than common imbecility is chosen as goal for a Jake and all of Discordian cabals happen to be alerted." The official being recognized obtain send from all the cabals at a time on Jake time. The characters should always be designed and printed to the official letterhead of each and every of the cabals and ask for aid in "some challenging constitutional issue that moves all realistic knowledge." Perhaps the wide-reaching Discordian Jake is The Jake that Changed some sort of.
  • Toki Pona: a task which anybody can get involved with and when directed to the tremendous could have a wide-reaching affect mankind, the newly emerging campaign to determine Toki Pona since worldwide code. One suggested method is to boldly work with it in established company and governmental methods to assert that their consumption is merely companies as always, while getting potential which is designed to lure by far the most focus and outrage, like for example unearthing reputable grievances add towards UN. Lojban happens to be proposed as an interlang to be utilized as a dialectical antithesis, a bit discordian-funded wholesome opponent become the pre-specified losers of this journey.
  • Project Eagle: "Day-glo circulars are designed and printed which appear as if the outdated Eagle proclamation expressing ON THE SURVEYS YE SONS OF FREEDOM. The, better Discordian circulars, however, have one minor word change, and say joyfully ELIMINATE all POSITION YE SONS OF CONVENIENCE. Just like the aged type, these are typically published in dominant areas on election week."
  • Project Pan-Pontification: This visualize consists of the submission of "Pope cards" saying every guy, girl, and kid on the planet as a Pope of dissension. POPE business is generally turned from Discordia traditions look
  • Task Graffito (and Undertaking Bumpersticker): "Anybody can take part by inventing an exceptionally Erisian motto and simply because its considering large distribution. Some examples: neighborhood Police Are Armed and Dangerous; Legalize Free-Enterprise killing; Why must Governments have got all the enjoyment?; crash the Government Postal dominance; If Voting Could Change the method, Is going to be illegal; etc."
  • Individuals Against substance abuse: "This business possesses beautiful letterheads as well as being focused on a run of pushing Congressmen to outlaw catnip, Project injection just where points just show if you need them to punctuation optional a drug which some young people tend to be puffing whenever cannabis is quick offer." The actual concept behind this really that since the federal reduced much trustworthiness in its combat on marijuana, a campaign to outlaw a "the same, but considerably humorous spice" can result in a complete loss of trust in national.
  • Improv just about everywhere arranges residents to perform particular, unusual, and orchestrated practices, such as for instance Operation person mirror each morning. The club, needless to say, declines being associated with OM.
  • The unique induction job seeks to get like-minded spirits and confused the remainder.

OMGASM projects

Complete plans

  • Colbertgasm - your panels to generate Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart into secret societies they would ideal advantage
  • MileyGASM - the solar panels to hire Miley Ray Cyrus into Discordian ranking and acknowledge becoming a Discordian American Princess

Switch brands

Even though many on the alternate companies for Operation Mindfuck are labeled, unclassified your put OM (which appears an acronym) and functions Mindfool (used by Shamlicht youngsters group).


By meaning, all jobs of functions Mindfuck tend to be untrue, contains that one.

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